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MatrixNET™ Enterprise

MatrixNET™ Enterprise PKI

MatrixNET Enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) offers digital certificates management solution to ensure the security of your business is maintained. Besides managing digital certificates, MatrixNET offers Roaming Service as an alternative to cryptographic token/smartcard-based storage medium. The Roaming Service allows users to access sensitive information easily from any location.

To optimise the usage of the digital certificate, MatrixNET also offers a PKI-enabled web service, which is referred as the Shared Security Service along with the secured portal features that includes web authentication, web signing and web encryption.

What We Offer

Customisable Security Solution

Global security solutions to e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Finance, e-Health, e-Campus or any organisation that prefers to enable electronic business within the organisation.

Unique Security Model

Unique security model and framework, which provides the ability to:-

1. Incorporate the security needs of an organisation easily; and
2. Integrate with many applications in an efficient manner

Flexible Trust Model

Various levels of trust models that ranges from single to multiple levels, which can be customised and adapted to the organisation’s needs.

Compliance with International Standards

The best solution that complies to international standards and global compatibility, for an organisation.

Key Features


Based on the Web Service technology, MatrixNET offers highly-scalable infrastructure due to the increasing number of users and transactions.

Advanced audit trail and reporting

The embedded audit trail manager will grant administrators with a smart audit log and report.


Supports recognised international internet standards such as X.509 and PKCS, which assures the system interoperability and compatibility.

Support various cryptographic token and smartcard supported

The ability to support various types of cryptographic tokens and smartcards.

Single Key Multiple Application

Promotes single key for various applications solutions. The user has an option to have their key stored in a cryptographic token, smartcard or in the roaming server.

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Shared Security Services

Shared Security Services (S3)

Expanding from the financial industry, and taking into account the various requirements of end user, S3 solutions were developed. S3 has the postulates given in the diagram.

S3 has the following capabilities:

  • Single digital identity infrastructure for all applications and accessible at anytime with high usability but at lower cost
  • Flexible authentication and authorization system for all major entry points with multi-levels security features
  • Centralized security policy administration and enforcement
  • SOA/WS Standards Compliant for easing integration and cross domain interoperability
  • Scalable and Reliable with proven high performance fault tolerance architecture
  • Integrates with standard security monitoring management tools for enterprise IT management

In a nutshell, S3 delivers a single platform (centralized enterprise) for retrofitting and expanding new services to meet demanding business expectations via

  • A true mobile key infrastructure (ID Roaming)
  • A centralized platform for multi authentication service, and
  • A seamless secured transactions for B2B and B2C

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MyRAM toolkit was developed as part of the requirement for public sector risk assessment methodology as indicated above.

With centralized risk data, risk assessment can be done in quick real time.

"It is being implemented in just a few days, and our time spent for the risk assessment process is only 20% of what we would have achieved manually, like we did in previous years"- Government Officer who wish to remain Anynomous.

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