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Brief Introduction

SCAN Corporation was incorporated from NOISIA MSC Sdn Bhd, an Malaysian registered company since 1997, specialized only in EDMS systems with an impressive sales record in Malaysia covering nearly 99 per cent of the publishing industry, such as Bernama, Kumpulan Utusan, The Edge, etc. as well Government and Corporate organizations. Since NOISIA MSC introduced celum in South East Asia, high profile organizations like the World Bank in Cambodia and the United Nations in Vietnam have shown high interest in celum’s DDMS. Worldwide celum is used by more than 1,200 companies and organizations for any market segment. Recently, SCAN Corporation has obtained sole distributorship for MUM solution for whole South East Asia region.

Key Solutions

Key Clients

Local Clients (Based on celum references)

MKM (Co-Operative College of Malaysia)
MKM Malaysia, is using the celum platform as a back-end and integrated with other applications, to store variety of assets, from documents, Video’s , Images, Books etc.

International Islamic University Malaysia
International Islamic University, one of the first clients in Malaysia, is using the celum platform to the maximum, including single sign on, direct integration with Microsoft Office. A new department has been established of archiving faculty reports, images from the past to preserve all assets from the past and in the future.

University Malaysia Kelantan
University Malaysia Kelantan, was desperately in need for a central repository of a wide range of all kind of different file formats, documents , excel sheets, books, manuals etc. University Malaysia Kelantan has reached their goals, of reducing costs, improved efficiency and productivity, and contributed to a more green environment.

MARDI (Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development)
MARDI Malaysia, is using celum as “Knowledge Management System” which improved dramatically, productivity and efficiency. Today the system is used by 3.500 staff members from various departments.

HELP University College
HELP University Malaysia, purchased 2 celum systems, of which one system has been fully modified for their newly developed EMS (Educational Management System) as well the other celum system is used for all HELP university students, to watch or download lectures presentations.


International Clients (Based on celum references)

Creditsuisse Asset Management
Being one of the world’s largest financial service providers, Creditsuisse is leading in banking, wealth management and asset management.

The company is the world's 9th largest integrated manufacturer of electric and electronic equipment, with some 161,000 employee's worldwide and consolidated annual sales of over US$53 billion.

Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG)
Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) is a music publishing company and is part of the Universal Music Group. UMPG owns or administers more than 1 million copyrights. They are one of the largest music publishing businesses in the world with more than 47 offices in 41 countries.

At L’Oreal, we have made cosmetics the focus of all our energy and know-how for nearly a century. We are fully committed to putting our expertise and research resources to work for the well-being of men and women, in all their diversity, around the world.

Carl Zeiss
Enabling science and technology to go beyond what man can see. Since pioneering science in optics, we continue to challenge the limits of man’s imagination.

Grundig is one of the premier Home Entertainment brands worldwide. Defining state of the art in design & functionality since 1945.

Silhouette International
The scope of activities of Silhouette International Schmied AG comprise of the design, production and marketing of ophthalmic frames and sunwear in metal and synthetics. In addition to its own brand Silhouette, the company also manufactures frames under license for the brands adidas eyewear and Daniel Swarovski crystal eyewear.

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